Climate Action Stories & Case Studies

We’re just getting started here. We’re hoping to build a library of stories and case studies but we need your help!

Greening Museums

  1. Meeting the LEED Gold Standard – Markham Museum Collections Building [Case Study] (Published June 14/17) – Guest Post by Cathy Molloy, Director, Markham Museum, Ontario
  2. Australia’s Green Museum Project: A pathway towards sustainability for Victorian small museums [Case Study] (Published August 23/17) Guest Post by Simone Ewenson, Green Museum Project Manager, Museums Australia (Victoria)
  3. Unbuilding Exhibitions: harnessing the potential of deconstruction [Case Study] (Published February 27/19) Guest Post by Viviane Gosselin, Director of Collections and Exhibitions at the Museum of Vancouver

Informing & Mobilizing the Public

  1. Art & Sustainable Energy at the Woodstock Art Gallery [Case Study] (Published May 17/17) Guest Post by Roberta Grosland, Head of Collections, Woodstock Art Gallery
  2. One Person Can Make A Difference – Building the Coastal Connections Temporary Exhibit at the Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site [Case Story] (Published June 20/17) Guest Post by Brooke Lees, Curator, Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site
  3. Museum’s Simple Suitcase Exhibit about Climate Change [Case Study] (Published August 9/17) Guest Post from Rachel Gervais, Programme Leader, Travelling Exhibitions / Chargée de programme, expositions itinérantes Canadian Museum of Nature / Musée canadien de la nature
  4. How a Museum Garden Connects Community – A Smart-City Solution [Case Study] (Published October 4/17) Guest Post is by Paige Dansinger, Better World Museum
  5. Edge Forward or Leap? – Exhibit on Sustainable Community Development Blends Art and Science [Case Study] (Published November 15/17)
    Guest Post by Jaime Clifton-Ross, Curator of Edging Forward, Research Curator for CRC Research and Changing the Conversation in the School of Environment and Sustainability at Royal Roads University.
  6. Historic Site Addresses Sea Level Rise Impacts through Community Partnership – Strawbery Banke Museum [Case Study] (Published March 21/18) Guest Post by Rodney Rowland, Director of Special Projects and Facilities, Strawbery Banke Museum, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA.
  7. Growing History: The Historic Garden’s Role in Inspiring Behavioural Change [Case Study](Published May 2/18 ) Guest Post by Lauren McCallum, Acting Program Officer at Montgomery’s Inn. Montgomery’s Inn is one of ten historic sites belonging to Museums and Heritage Services, City of Toronto.
  8. Journey to the Sea: Exploring the environment in a children’s museum [Case Study] (Published May 16/18) Today’s Guest Post is by Rebecca Shulman Herz, Director of the Peoria PlayHouse Children’s Museum in Peoria, Illinois, USA, and Margaret LeJeune, an image-maker, curator, and educator from Rochester, New York. 
  9. Weather Watching on Semiahmoo Bay: White Rock Museum Exhibit Tackles Ocean Health and Climate Change [Case Study](Published June 20/18) Guest Post is by Kate Petrusa, Curator at the White Rock Museum and Archives in British Columbia, Canada. 
  10. Nature’s Place: A small museum where local climate issues are presented and new voices heard [Case Study](Published August 1/18) Guest Post is by George Farrell, Nature’s Place, Minden Hills Cultural Centre, Minden, Ontario, Canada.
  11. Into the Anthropocene: AGO’s Podcast Series Dives into the Complexities of Climate Change [Case Study] (Published Nov. 14, 2018) Guest Post is by Shiralee Hudson Hill, Lead Interpretive Planner at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada

Museum workers and supporters are invited to submit stories or case studies about

  • “Greening” museums internally like alternate power, recycling/reuse projects, LEED certified buildings, and so on.

  • Informing and mobilizing the public through exhibits, programs and events like climate change exhibits, science marches, public debates, citizen science, and so on.

A story or case study should be about 800 words. We’re hoping a good story or case study will help other museums, galleries, historic sites, archives, science centres … of all shapes and sizes to mobilize and support Canadian museum workers and their organizations in building public awareness, mitigation and resilience in the face of climate change.

What makes a good CMCJ case study?

  • A brief background of your museum or project – if information isn’t relevant to the subject matter, don’t include it.
  • Practical elements of project, a brief overview of practical aspects like budgets/costs, and timing. Use bullet points if necessary.
  • Shares problems encountered, failures and lessons. Compare intended outcomes/outputs with actual outcomes/outputs. Talk about future plans and projects – what you are going to do as a result of this exhibit/project.
  • Highlight good practice and trends – focus on one area of work that is particularly innovative, new or successful, rather than trying to offer a broad overview in 500-800 words
  • A good quality photograph and links to relevant websites, including social media accounts or reports and video clips. People love to see what you are doing.
  • Name and job title of the person or group of people writing the story/case study and how people might contact you/them. You can be an inspiration to others!

Good case studies are also good blog posts. See here for more general info on writing a blog post for the CMCJ.

To share your stories and case studies, or for more information, please contact Chris Castle at

Look forward to hearing from you!

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