Climate Action Stories & Case Studies

We’re just getting started here. We’re hoping to build a library of stories and case studies but we need your help!

Greening Museums

Informing & Mobilizing the Public


Museum workers and supporters are invited to submit stories or case studies about

  • “Greening” museums internally like alternate power, recycling/reuse projects, LEED certified buildings, and so on.

  • Informing and mobilizing the public through exhibits, programs and events like climate change exhibits, science marches, public debates, citizen science, and so on.

A story or case study should be about 500 words. We’re hoping a good story or case study will help other museums, galleries, historic sites, archives, science centres … of all shapes and sizes to mobilize and support Canadian museum workers and their organizations in building public awareness, mitigation and resilience in the face of climate change.

What makes a good CMCJ case study?

  • A good quality photograph and links to relevant websites, including social media accounts or reports and video clips.
  • A brief background of your museum or project – if information isn’t relevant to the subject matter, don’t include it.
  • Shares problems encountered, failures and lessons. Compare intended outcomes/outputs with actual outcomes/outputs. Explain future plans and projects.
  • Name and job title of the person or group of people writing the story/case study.
  • Practical elements of project, such as budgets/costs, and timing. Use bullet points if necessary.
  • Highlight good practice and trends – focus on one area of work that is particularly innovative, new or successful, rather than trying to offer a broad overview in 500 words or less

To share your stories and case studies, or for more information, please contact Chris Castle at

Look forward to hearing from you!


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