(Draft Resources List 9/17. Prepared for the Coalition by Robert Janes. A work in progress! Please share your relevant resources by Replying using the box below. We look forward to hearing from you.)

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Greening the Museum and the Museum Profession 

  1. The Phipps Conservatory; the California Academy of Sciences
  2. Pic Green Committee – American Alliance of Museums – Sustainability Standards in Museums.
  3. Sustainability excellence in museums
  4. Sarah Sutton on Sustainable Museums
  5. The carbon neutral conference model – you could also reference my videoconferencing

Museum Programs and Services

  1.  Let’s Talk Energy” initiative being spearheaded by the Canadian Science and Technology Museum
  2. The Australian Museum is a leader in climate change awareness and advocacy. Not only does it have an institutional statement recognizing that climate change poses a serious environmental, economic and social threat to our way of life and to the security of future generations, this museum also offers practical guidance on how to reduce our individual carbon footprint. All museums should be explicit about climate change in their mission statements. See: Australian Museum – Statement on Climate Change. Reducing Our Carbon Footprint
  3. A third example is a group of passionate environmental and informal science educators who share the goal of raising the bar on conversations about climate change. As part of the National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation, these educators are working with aquariums, zoos, science centres, and nature centres to help their visitors navigate climate change in a productive way – acknowledging that this issue can be both dreary and terrifying.


  1. Robert R. Janes Talks/Lectures
    1. Museums without borders: a climate change manifesto – A thought-provoking argument for museums as non-neutral spaces, drawing on the pressing issue of climate change, during the 2016 Michael Volkerling Memorial Lecture at Te Papa. A National Services Te Paerangi (NSTP) resource.
    2. Group for Education in Museums (GEM) Conference 2016: Museums Without Borders – Robert Janes produced a thought-provoking video, which was premiered during conference on 1 September 2016. The video touches on the idea that museums need to move beyond their so-called “neutrality” and tackle the serious issues facing the world. Do we need to redefine the meaning of education in museums to succeed in doing so? Although they say it – do museums really believe that education is a key focus of musuems? Is it a challenge to accept a definition of education wider than one of “it’s all about teaching school groups”? These questions and more may need to be answered.
    3. Robert R. Janes: Museums and Climate Change A call from Robert R. Janes, Editor in Chief of Museum Management and Curatorship, for museums to become intellectual activists. Janes asks, “what is the role of museums in charting a path to sustainability that preserves and uses our irreplaceable cultural legacy?”
    4. Museums and Climate Change – Are We Doing Enough? ICOM Canada. Join us on July 6th at 12pm EST for our next Google Hangout on Air. We’ll be chatting with Dr. Robert Janes, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of Museum Management and Curatorship, Fellow of the Canadian Museums Association and past President and CEO of the Glenbow Museum in Calgary. Dr. Janes has worked in and around museums for the past 39 years as a director, consultant, author, editor, archaeologist, board member, instructor, volunteer, and philanthropist. He has spent his career championing museums as important social institutions – capable of making a difference in their communities and in the lives of individuals. During this hangout we’ll talk to Dr. Janes about his most recent work encouraging museums to take a stance on larger issues relating to their collections and their communities – climate change, sustainability, and mindfulness.
  2. Kiribati – Climate change and heritage
  3. Timeline
  4. Troubled Waters

Other Sites of Interest

 1.Many Strong Voices

2.The Climate Museum

3.Museums and Climate Change Network

4.The Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change, Hong Kong

5.Art Not Oil @ArtNotOil


The Dragons of Inaction: Psychological Barriers That Limit Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation by Robert Gifford, University of Victoria The Dragons of Inaction

The art museum as lab to re-calibrate values towards sustainable
development by Dorothea Ernst, Charles Esche, Ulrike Erbs Art Museums and Sustainability

A right to participate: Securing children’s role in climate change adaptation Children in a Changing Climate 2009

The End of Neutrality: A Modest Manifesto By Robert R. Janes MUSE – End of Neutrality – 2016

The End of Neutrality: A Modest Manifesto By Robert R. Janes The End of Neutrality – ILR Article – Dec.2015

A proposed method to assess the damage risk of future climate change to museum objects in historic buildings by Z. Huijbregts, R.P. Kramer, M.H.J. Martens, A.W.M. van Schijndel, H.L. Schellen museum collections and climate change






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