InterpNEWS: Special Climate Issue

Sept/Oct 2019

A special issue on how agencies, organizations, parks, etc are interpreting climate and global warming issues to their visitors.


We are building a database of resources useful for addressing the questions arising from museums and climate change and sustainability.

The information is presented in an editable Google Docs Spreadsheet. Searching capacities are somewhat limited but a sorting function is accessible by clicking on the top row of each column. For example, you are able to sort by Item Type (article, book, etc.) by clicking on the dropdown menu in the top row of the column. Similarly, you can sort by Year by clicking on the sorting function in the drop down menu in the top row of that column.

Click here to access the database and/or to list a new resource.

Know something about databases? We welcome your comments, advice, and help as to how best to move this resource forward. Leave a comment below or get in touch directly at

Featured Resource

This five-part video series, created by the Alberta Museums Association in partnership with the Coalition of Museums for Climate Justice and Shadow Light Productions Ltd, demonstrates how museums continue to facilitate and lead conversations around issues that are important to their communities and find innovative and inclusive solutions that impact the future of our communities. They are freely available here for download and intended to be widely distributed, and inspire people to take action now to combat climate change and build a more sustainable future. Containing practical examples of how individuals can take proactive action to address climate issues, the five videos are intended to be shared across multiple platforms by the Alberta museum community and beyond.

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